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Lewisville Texas is home to several ethnic festivals, arts and crafts fairs, exciting theatre, sporting events and much more.

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Old Town Lewisville Ghost Tour

Have you ever wondered what goes on after dark in the quaint town of Lewisville, Texas? Why not dare to venture out when the sun goes down and meet some of the ghostly residents who refuse to leave. The night promises to be very active for we have quite a number of ghostly spirits that have been having way too much fun during our absence due to COVID-19. You can expect the shadows to become bigger and bolder as they eagerly await your arrival.

Come see why Gateway Ghost tours has been voted the best ghost tour experience in North Texas! Be sure you purchase tickets online space is limited due to social distancing @

The tour will discuss the many ghostly spirits that are still present as well as the true history of the Lewisville area beginning in the 1800′s to the present day. By doing this it is easier for us to understand the ghost sightings that we experience on a regular basis. Ghost enthusiasts will be able to enjoy hands on experience with ghost meters and divining rods. The divining rods allow our guest to communicate with the many spirits that show up on the tour. Feel the paranormal energies like the psychic does. Cindy Ross is the local psychic medium and interpreter for the dead. She will put you up front and center with the paranormal allowing you to see through the eyes of the psychic. Howard Gunn is your paranormal expert and will help you decipher the unexplainable that often shows up in your pictures. Make sure your cell phones are fully charged!

Each tour is comprised of a basic psychic development class. We believe in enriching your every day experiences with the understanding and knowledge of the world of the unseen. Revisit the past and walk the same streets of those who came before you. Lewisville has a rich history of the untamed West opened to those eager to settle a new land. We retell the stories of those who left their mark on Old Town Lewisville and who never wish to be forgotten. With the presence of the many spirits that choose to show themselves along the tour our hopes are that you will gain new insights and understanding of what it is to be ghost.

Ghost Tours are schedule every Saturday evening as long as the minimum number of participants have been received. 

Tours start at Alkeys bar and grill located at 165 W. Main St. Tickets are $25 for adults. To purchase tickets visit, send an RSVP to the organizers via a message on Facebook, or call 972.922.4675.

Please note that Specialty Tours could cost more and that tour start times can vary depending on Daylight Savings time.  If a tour is cancelled due to bad weather then reservations will be scheduled for the next available tour. For the most updated tour information be sure and visit the Gateway Ghost Tours Facebook page.