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Friday 13th Fright Night Ghost Tour

Ghostly Spirits seeking real ghost adventures for Friday 13th Fright Night Ghost Tour! Join Gateway Ghost Tours and the two psychics on duty Cindy Ross and Lisa Lang for this very special event ghost tour of Old Town Lewisville. This Friday 13th is under the influence of a solar eclipse and there will be no moon! You are fore warned, that those long dead will be rising up and rolling out the welcoming mat for the ones who dare to have an encounter of the ghostly kind! If you don't scare easy and are bold enough to experience the restless souls then this is the night for you!

You are invited to walk down Main St. in the company of two accomplished psychic mediums, Cindy Ross and Lisa Lang who will draw back the veil and help you to experience the ghosts of Old Town like they do. Bring your camera and make sure your cell phones are charged. We always get the ghostly phenomenon in Old Town and this night promises to be one of the best to have an encounter! We are the only tour in the area who can legally boast full apparitions on our tour! You will also learn how to capture ghostly orbs using your cell phone. This is not your grannies ghost tour! You will not be sitting inside eating pie and ice cream listening to someone tell you ghost stories that they have never experienced. You will be put up close and personal with the ghost of Old Town. We love telling the history of the area so you can better understand the paranormal occurrences and why the spirits still call Old Town home. The psychics on duty will instruct you on how to use the ghost detecting equipment and you will learn the psychics hacks on how to feel the ghost energy!

Are you ready for a real ghost adventure then sign up now! This Friday 13th is a one of a kind event not to be missed! Tickets can be purchased online. Tour starts at 8:45: p.m. at Tierney's Cafe & Tavern located at 208 E. Main Street. Tickets are $30 per person.

If a tour is cancelled due to bad weather then reservations will be scheduled for the next available tour. For the most updated tour information be sure and visit the Gateway Ghost Tours Facebook page.